Great Fishing Reads!

In all honesty, I don't get out on the river as often as I'd like.  I'm sure most of you feel the same way.  Whether you live in a city removed from the great outdoors (like me), are consumed by family and work, or the winter has you locked down at your tying bench, reading provides a great way to take your mind to the river.  Some titles I leaf through for tying inspiration, while others I read from cover-to-cover every year.  Below are some of my favorites!  

My all-time favorite fishing novels in order from left to right.  

I don't have many "how to" books, but these are really great ones to get started with.  As we all know, there's no substitute for getting out on the water.  

Pat Dorsey's Tying & Fishing Tailwater Flies has fantastic tutorials for all levels of fly tiers. 

Charlie Craven's Charlie's Fly Boxhas great information on the history of his flies and how they came to be.

Some excellent Saturday morning reads when you're not fishing, doing chores, or taking kids to and from baseball practice. The Drake is always a lot of fun and provides a great diversity of material. 

Let me know what your favorites are!