No Going Back

To be a good angler, you've got to be a bit of a scientist.  You're always making observations.  River conditions, weather patterns, bug life, and fish behavior all play into your ability to catch fish.  Science also goes a long way to protect the resources we've damaged through the altering of natural processes like river flooding.  The miles and miles of canals built to help irrigate California's Central Valley have systematically reduced salmon habitat and the landscapes that salmon fry once used for packing on weight before heading to the Pacific Ocean. 

California Trout has invested in some really interesting science and is coming up with unique solutions to complex ecological problems.  The Nigiri Project they're working on is turning salmon fry into flood plain fatties!  Check out their latest video, No Going Back, to find out more about the science behind fattening up salmon fry before they head to the delta (hopefully avoiding striped bass) and eventually under the Golden Gate Bridge.